25 thoughts on “David Villa vs Fernando Torres”

  1. villa!!!! 4 goal uero!! 5 goal world!!! spain top scorer 71 app(44) ~Sporting Gijón B 65 (25)~Sporting Gijón 80 (38) ~Zaragoza 73 (32)~ Valencia 166 (108) ~Barcelona 23 (16)

  2. David Villa 4 goals at euro 2008 and torres 1 lucky goal at the final answer:

    David Villa is better

    David villa 5 goals at wc 2010 and torres 0 goals answer:

    David villa is much better

  3. @Ulansananelan yea you say that now cause he left yous.ya scouse piece of shit

  4. @Currowlad99
    im liverpool fan and torres is a cocksucking overatted piece of shit not more
    his most fans are stupid girls who only want to suck his cock just cause of his look
    in football he is overatted and he will suck in chelsea

  5. Villa has a good fk and a good finish torres is super quick and got a good touch on the ball i would like um both at my team lol if i had to choose it would be torres he is younger

  6. @nuzaira4 Pedro showed how “great” he is at the World Cup in the semifinals…Torres would have scored if he wasn’t so selfish.Barca will get him soon.Krkic’s number nine will be Torres’ number nine!

  7. @zmajzmaj123 barca dont need torres….they’re nw a fantastic team…n dont need any1 else….the team has become parfect after villa’s coming….they hv messi…pedro..n villa…3 best stricker n they just dont need any torres or any 1 else

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