Farewell, Fernando Torres

Farewell compilation to the player who betrayed us. Let’s not neglect all the joy he introduced to us Liverpool fans Join LFCompilations’ fanpage on facebook: www.facebook.com — Songs: Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

25 thoughts on “Farewell, Fernando Torres”

  1. ” What more can you say about this young man that hasn’t been said before? the man is just a supreme talent. He can head the ball, he can dribble with the ball and he can do this from a tight angle”

    need more be said? i think not! Your a truly amazing player Fernando. Hold your head up high son cause you are the best player in the world at your best. YNWA Fernando <3

  2. I was gutted he went but his face when meireles netted to make it 1-0 against chelsea he was gutted an u seen the regerette in his face

  3. to continue: i will miss him very much. But there is nothing that i can do about it. Hold your head up high though son cause you sure have bought joy into my life and ill always appreciate that and ill never forget that. You’ll never walk alone Fernando cause many LFC fans still love you even if they dont wanna admit it. You’ll never be forgetten <3

  4. Im a die hard Liverpool supporter and i am very upset by Torres’ decision but ill never forget the great memories that he has given me and many more LFC fans. Fair enough he wants trophies and i wish him as a player all of the best and i hope he can get back to his brilliant best but i dont wish for him to get any trophies at cheslea. And to all saying hes not worth 50 mill, he definitely is. He is the best striker in the world on his day(can he get back to that? hopefully when he goes to spain)

  5. £50 Million, that’ll do nicely. City have more clout now, so they will out bid chelsea, Two or three years time when chelsea have won nothing abramovic will move on he’ll be tired off throwing good money after bad, I reckon F1 may tempt him, wonder what stamford bridges average crowd will be then after the glory seekers have been cleared out. £50 million I still can’t believe those mugs have stumped up that.

  6. @TheLampard89 lol not even close ,these are the team that are better then chelsea NOW
    Man united
    Real madrid
    Liverpool is better then chelsea if you look all round

  7. @TheLampard89 First off Barca is loads better then Chelski, as well as milan inter real. He will regret because he is now just another chelski money whore who is going to waste his career where in Liverpool was our Hero, but you dont understand that because all you chelsea fans have are just money hungry old people playing with u, only player on your team thats of any note is Lampard and now Torres, but again he was a hero to us and now hes just another player for chelsea……its really sad

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