25 thoughts on “fernando torres 08-09 compilation”

  1. liverpool v everton las season, 2 nil to liverpool i think with fernando getting both.

  2. wish i could go to liverpool so i could buy some authentic liverpool jerseys and training gear. Here in the usa it sucks everthing is steriods and baseball related

  3. grande niño te viene la cancion de coldplay = q en otro videos XD parese q todas las canciones de ese grupo

  4. What’s name of this song ? and whose?

    pls….tell me

    you’ll never walk alone….forever

  5. good question but i have no answer for that.lol i just thought it would go with the video

  6. super vid except one thing, why Viva La Vida instead of You’ll Never Walk Alone?

  7. El mejor delantero español y mas completo de la historia.

    Atleti forever
    Go! Liverpool

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