25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres”

  1. honestly i think drogba or rooney are better than this baby boy
    hes only good cuse spain has won european and vila is beter than him

  2. info fans: only what is needed in football was finally to drive the video referee, to avoid the contested decision.
    See the world the revolutionary project IVSR net site (international virtual school referees). There is also a video on youtube MINICAM VIDEO REFEREE (how to see eye referee). And it is very important to make a lot of pressure on fans FIFA and UEFA representatives, but I myself can not do anything against the old (conservative) people who govern football..

  3. is torres a she? really? I can’t believe it, his legs & body indicates that he’s a male to be honest.

  4. Its time you people start speaking Messi’s n fernando torres’ language:Spanish

  5. Torres t le meilleure attaquant du monde!!!!!! superbe vidéo!!!!! EL NINO!!!!

  6. fernando torres gran jugador y buena persona por eso es admirado y querido por la afición del liverpool fc. viva el atletico de madrid y liverpool||||||

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