Fernando Torres

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25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres”

  1. He’s now a Blue, he was a red,
    Torres, Torres,
    He left the Kop End for The Shed,
    Torres, Torres,
    He told the reds he wanted to leave,
    To play with Frank instead of Steve,
    Fernando Torres, Chelsea’s number 9!

  2. @seba863 Torres + Lampard + Drogba + Anelka + Essien + Terry + A. Cole = BEST TEAM IN THE FUCKING WORLD

  3. BIG BIG traitor..Hope MU win all the trophies including the champion league!!
    YOU will ever walk alone!!

  4. WELCOME HOME TORRES, time to win trophies as a player of your quality deserves that. That other club won’t be winning FUCK ALL for a very long time and you saw it first hand, LOVE THIS GUY.

  5. He’s a great player, and whatever people say, he has been loyal unlike other players (Mascherano) during tough times. And all though I can’t blame him for wanting to leave, I will never forgive him for the way he left things. And I will never, ever forgive him if that next club is Chelsea. Not like this.

  6. Torres is the best player in the world!!!
    He always make his NANDO POWER!!!
    Good video, really good!!!

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