25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres 2009/10 ‘Love the way you lie’ (mkbcc8) by LFCompilations”

  1. Torres – Part of Chelsea. Face it.

    Liverpool fans will never walk alone, ’cause they’ve still got Gerrard.

  2. LIVERPOOL will start fucking….without that players,i forgot his name.LIVERPOOL is so big club,that one player doesnt make the difference there.Y.N.W.A

  3. torres hade the best years in liverpool fc guys!!! and remember that without fernando torres liverpool fc would have never defeated chelsea manunted and…. he was the reason that made liverppol alive again!!! and torres isn’t a fkn traiter because his cality and gift most move on and grow in a new and stronger team!!!! welcome to chelsea fernando torrres !!! >:)

  4. u fkn liar torres! u said u would never leave and then u say u are glad that u left!!

  5. @iloveJB73 lets get something straight, its not a torres shirt, its a liverpool shirt ith torres on the back, people who burn their shirts need to realise that the liverbird is still on that shirt, and its not a torres shirt your burning, its a liverpool shirt

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