Fernando Torres – Anfield Career

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  1. @Ad4mBlud all true, but you cant just throw around the word legend, gerrard is a legend, carra is a legend, kenny is a legend, torres was an exellent player, it wouldnt have been so bad, but he was going around saying what a great club liverpool and how we are the biggest, then goes and says the same things at chelsea, loyalty is what makes players for me, every word he said was a lie. ps. i just cant explain how funny it would be if Liverpool make the 4 and Chelsea dont, he left for the CL lol!

  2. He is still an Anfield Legend. Nobody can break that many records, and score that many goals for a club, and not be remembered. I will miss him. He was my Hero. This video brought a tear to my eye, and the music was perfect, so many memories. All these goals were so memorable, i knew which ones they were as soon as the clip started. Fernando YNWA, i know most LFC fans have turned on you, but you’re are a Legend. You could of been one of the Anfield greats, but now Suarez or Carroll will be.

  3. The fact that you can sum up his whole time at livepool is great that’s proof his is overrated

  4. @Smidz018 short memory lad he would have fucked off to chelsea if it wern’t for the pay rise and qualificaiton to the last 16 in the CL.

  5. suarez and carrol will be the best players in the world n torres is a good player but a traitor cos i cant believe he went to a premier league team. n im a liverpool fan

  6. i could have understood if he had left the club at the end of the season to have a chance of winning something. BUT: in the middle of the season? to a bloody mercenary’s club like Chelsky?? there aren’t enough of his trikots to be burned! all his talking about loyalty was just fake…such a hypocrite 🙁 I hope Chelsky will be as successfull as in the last years in the european cup!

  7. @fascistbullyboy007 he said we was a small club and that we arent gonna win any trophies… he also said chelsea was the biggest club in europe… chelski were nothin until 2004… fake twat

  8. @swedishscousers typical modern footballer, all about the money, loyaty is what makes gerrard legendary

  9. @fascistbullyboy007 torres could have stayed, but he didnt want to, and how bad is it being somewhere u dont want to be, carroll an suarez will be a great combination it had to happen to move forward, brighter days ahead, and when we win the league, we will go to stamford bridge and sing ‘you paid for our championship!’

  10. this is much harder than i thought it would be………id rather have torres than carrol……torres didnt say anything regarding liverpool when interviewed by sky sports after he signed with…………ive deleted my torres vids…..sad day……….sad day…….very numb right now

  11. @liverpoolfc4ever97 Who cares how old the song is the oldest songs where the best, look at now gaga and kesha they suck.

  12. @Smidz018 No, it wasn’t me that said that, it’s just what he means, he didn’t explain himself properly.

  13. @Nani17CR7 cool, coz i thought that u were going to be really vague about it…..lol

  14. i think this is my favourite torres video.
    torres! come on u bastard! we need u now!

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