25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Came as a hero,left as a traitor”

  1. im a liverpool supporter and he will always be my hero! i dont care what anyone says! <3 🙂

  2. so what if he left he was epic so stop crying about it u reject fans who cant take that their striker left them

  3. hey he put in work for us and was the fastest to reach 50 goals wasnt he? its Hicks Gillette and Hodgesons fault hes gone….fucking c*nts

  4. love to see this guy play he is proper good F sake !! no freaky stuff just goals !! good mentality !!

  5. am a chelsea i think torres is magic unbelievable ur the best torres 😛 nice video

  6. I love Villa. but he is more of a national goal scorer. Messi and higuain have the spanish goal cap under control. Dont get me wrong. Spains Torres and Villa will win Fifas World Cup 2010.

  7. es un gran jugador de los mejores delanteros que tenido la oportunidad de ver en mi vida tiene ese olfato goleador que todo delantero necesita se hace sus jugadas la busca por eso es GENIAL!!!!!! lo malo de esto es que lo amo Y ES VERDAD por primera vez en mi vida me he enamorado y no se porq presisamente de el !!!!!!! ……….. no se pero ps es un delantero genial!!!!!!

  8. @sweetiepenguinman he is no way near a selfish player, he is a striker he is meant to score goals

  9. wow by the look of this he is an incredibly selfish player… he could have set up so many people. dont get me wrong he is a good player but would it hurt to pass?

  10. And Rooney is ahead of the likes of Villa and Higuain because…?
    Rooney is the most overrated wanker in the history of football

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