12 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Debut for AC Milan ● Individual Highlights ~ AC Milan vs Juventus”

  1. Great…just like Chelsea…put him in with 15min left!…if he’s fit
    enough to play, why not start him?…just asking…

  2. I hope he will do much better again. As much as I love Chelsea I just feel
    like it was such a bad place for him to be. He is an amazing player and
    it’s finally time for him to be able to prove himself again. I really hope
    he will be more successful now.

  3. ก็ คิเอลลินี่ เล่น น่าเกลียดอ่ะ !!

    ตอเรส เค้าก็เล่นปกติ ทำอ่อนแอ เฉยเลย >.<

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