Torres Tells That The Decision To Leave Chelsea Was His Own

It was revealed by AC Milan that the decision of Fernando Torres to leave Chelsea FC was personal and he did so as he wanted to feel more important.

Although this action is not very expected of a player who has remained one of the most feared strikers in football history but it was situation that led him to do so. Torress admits that he had considered joining Atlectico Madrid as he wanted to become the first choice of the team.

The result of his joining the team gave Atletico Madrid the recent success as they needed a striker of such caliber to take them to the level of ambition they had pictured for themselves. They couldn’t replace Diego Costa with Torres due to reasons relating to football and not sentimental. This is why they brought in Mario Mandzukic from Bayern. This is when Torres was left with the option to move to AC Milan, a club that was seeing tough times financially and was in need of a striker who could sell the goods but without a big transfer fee.

Fernando had commented on his decision where he left Chelsea to join Atletico Madrid was that the decision was a very personal one as he needed to feel more important and that him and Mourinho are still on friendly terms as they continue to talk to each other till date. He saw no real option to return and he didn’t like the fact that the people speculated. He also said that he didn’t go to Atletico because he wanted to retire as the today’s atletico is far different from what it has been in the past.

When Fernando Torres played for Atletico, they were only a team who had gained the promotion to Second division and were not contenders of the title. The club reached the top of the ladder under Diego Simeone and they became the contenders of the La Liga title. Even through the decision was Torres’ personal, it gained all the parties involved.