25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Goal Against Blackburn at Anfield”

  1. …………..im a chelsea fan too, and im trying to say that he isnt at his best compared to his liverpool days

  2. fair point. still, liverpool goals to game ratio was 0.57, while at chelsea it has been 0.25

  3. at liverpool: wins nothing
    at chelsea: UCL + fa cup winner, in his first full season

  4. @PleteOs0801 i love seeing him in trouble and enjoying every minute of it. he brought it upon himself. let him rot in blue.

  5. God, remember when he could do this? Poor Chelsea! We sell them Torres for 50 mil and he scores barely any goals. They sell us their best striker for 12 mil and he scores 3 in 3 LOL!

  6. Guys, this isn’t about clubs, this is about Nando, he is in trouble and he needs our support!

  7. Liverpool fans can’t say torres is wasting his talent at Chelsea because Torres lost his ”talent” as soon as he began wearing the blue kit. In my opinion he is not happy at Chelsea so he might as well leave…

  8. Having to distinguish that he is the ‘red person near the goal’ would seem to illustrate my point

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