Fernando Torres – He is Finally Back (Season 2010/2011) HD

Compilation featuring footages from season 2010/2011 showing Torres recovering from his damage. Contains Liverpool and Spain match highlights and the 2 objectives towards Chelsea, but also work out footages. Songs: Audiomachine – Reaching Take pleasure in YNWA FT9Compilations
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – He is Finally Back (Season 2010/2011) HD”

  1. @sunkiss06jg Very well said mate. Finally someone else who thanks Torres for what he has done at Liverpool. He will be sorely missed but no player is greater than LFC.


  2. I get teary eyed everytime around the 2:20 mark.
    “Torres!!! Rememeber him! Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s number 9!!”
    Amazing. I wish he was still with us, winning with Chelsea will never mean the same to him as winning with Liverpool would have.

    But it’s unfortunate that Liverpool haven’t been able to help him reach his goals. I love Liverpool and always will, but I hope that he finds success with Chelsea and can realize his dreams.

  3. @MagicToasterMan it was more of an imperative statement, demanding that he be remembered for that. Not asking if we rmemeber who he was. Show some respect.

  4. Could the fans have adored him any more. . gutted hes gone, when he remembers us i hope he remembers times like 2.40. ynwa

  5. @quietatse Carragher will snap his brittle legs in one tackle.. have fun with the most injury prone striker there is.

  6. @MrBICKUS9 Ofcourse he won’t do good now because he doesn’t play for that europa team haha how deluded are u lot? Yeah i can see it now, Drogba and Torres are quaking in their boots playing against Carra hhahahah oh please, save us the jokes.

  7. Welcome to chelsea. all you liverepool fans need to remember that your only in the europa league because portsmouth got cheated out of it by the liverpool loving F.A. How long did you expect him to stay at a mid table club? Regardless of liverpools history its their present team hes been playing for and its their present team that havn’t looked like winning a major trophy for some time now.

  8. @quietatse Torres wont do good at chelsea, im tellin ya. He’l get bored eventually. See you at the bridge on sunday when we are going to beat you 🙂

  9. @quietatse Let me see, Mikel -23, Ramires-23, ivanovic -25, alex-28, Cech-28, Torres-26, Kalou -24, Josh-17, Bruma-18, David Luiz -23, A.Cole-29, most of the team are well young, you need to stop making a fool of yourself.

  10. @MrBICKUS9 Hahahaha we shall see, we’ve heard how the jealous fans keep telling us how Roman is leaving, does spanking 70mil+ in one go look like an action of someone leaving anytime soon keep the hate and keeping dreaming.

    Anyone one can see how hungry Torres is for trophies, your teams is struggling to qualify for Europa league ffs, you should be debating with Everton not us. Torres moved on to better things, he’ll win trophies here while struglle to make Europa as always.

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