Fernando Torres is superr cute:) xx

please view this awesome videoo! k thnx 🙂 if you dont like fernando (which would be dumb bc hes a freaken hottie) dont say mean remarks. 🙂 Subscribe, Rate, Comment, and Likee oh and this is my very first vidd tht i created. it ws done on imovie on a mac. i loveee Fernando! 🙂 hes superrr hottt xx

19 thoughts on “Fernando Torres is superr cute:) xx”

  1. @1stTrillionaire im srry.this vid.kinda relly sucks.my bad. its the mac idk who to not make it do this,,,, u know?

  2. @JLSstephJEDWARD um do u know how to put videos into a video im making? like one from the internet of fernando?

    k thnx! i subbed:)

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