25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Just try your best ~ 2009”

  1. @IvanElNino9 FUK YU MR. THANKS! just kidding, yu made a good vid =)) (sr sr^^)

  2. @rocker4565 there is another torres video with the same song and its cool to itz called fernando torres skills

  3. His speed at times made him seem like an alien. He wasn’t human back then. This year he looks like a normal player. I think he just needs to get riled up, he was fearless in taking defenders on, but this year it seems Hodgson has set him out to be a different player. Plays are not involving Torres, he is left out of the game at larger periods with minor contributions like a little pass. Hodgson doesn’t know how to use players like Gerrard and Torres. Benitez had that figured out.


    Vamos Fernando el Liverpool te necesita y nosotros necesitamos tus goles animo y YNWA!!!

  6. one thing i like about torres. all good strikers need their 6 oz boots. he needs 9 oz and hes faster than them so he can use finishing cleats as a striker instead of speed

  7. Bonne vidéo, Aller commenter ma video :
    “Fernando Torres ~ The Striker of Spain”

  8. @NastyLucas You never know mate if he gets a few sitters like e did on Sunday the confidence might be back up and we might see the Nando we seen the year we signed him,, please gd to that,hes our only hope to pull much needed points out of the bag until NESV are ready to invest heavily in the Summer hopefully, YNWA my friend

  9. It’s a shame Hodgson seems to think he’s Bobby Zamora. All that dribbling ability, acceleration, movement and guile is being wasted when he is expected to recieve and hold up long balls all the time.
    Liverpool may have had a good win against possibly the worst side to come to Anfield this season, but when even Bolton looks like a tough fixture you know there’s something wrong. Let’s just hope Chelsea have a bit of sympathy or we’ll be seeing PSV – Feyenoordesque scores soon…

  10. Honestly, this is my FAVOURITE video of him so far :$
    Keep up the amazingg work! 🙂

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