9 thoughts on “Fernando Torres left out of Spain squad!”

  1. @torrescomps i hope so! he needs to score more and it will bulid his confidence therefore he will do better! come on torres we love you!! you can do this!!!

  2. he will stay at chelsea for 2 more years go back to atletico madrid at the age of 29 and again be one of the most feared striker in the world

  3. I say he comes back to Liverpool catch form with Luis Suarez and bring back the glory days.

  4. @Iamabigfanofcheese Liverpool made him into the internationally known player he is. If he stayed at Athletico he would not be well known outside Spain.

  5. Don’t see him getting his form back now. It doesn’t look temporary, he just can’t get past players any more.

    More importantly, keep this going. We were the first football vlog, starting in July last year. I bet you that in two years time you will be amongst a group of those seen as the ‘top’ or ‘big’ football vloggers on YouTube, in a community of thousands (hopefully along with us)! Keep up the good work mate, you’re passionate about it and it shows! 🙂 -J

  6. “We are all human, we all make mistakes.” You’re right. Such is human nature. Unfortunate what Torres has done. I think he needs to move, perhaps to a different country.

  7. id like to see him back in the summer but im really starting to fall for carroll ! if he did come back i wouldnt want him wearing number 9 shirt ahah sweeeeet carroll nineee !

  8. great video man! i just found your channel there, i clicked like! i am shocked that he actually got dropped! keep it up 🙂

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