25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Siren – 2012/2013 – HD”

  1. You ain’t right if you’re leaving the best player out for the past 2
    seasons for a reason that isn’t consistent cause hazard is the same lazy

  2. I thought Fernando had a good 12-13. 13-14 looks even sharper thus far. Not
    enough league goals? He didn’t play epl football the entire 2nd half of
    season due to Va being cup tied in the Europa League. Chelsea play Europe,
    2 cups, and a league. Goals are goals.. And he scored in 7 diff comps!! A
    year ago

  3. To be fair he called Mourinho a “dumbfuck”. I think its pretty clear after
    everything he has achieved in football this isn’t the case. Hence, I think
    its fair to say Stefan hasn’t got the faintest idea about what he is
    talking about.

  4. Maybe he does. You can’t possibly know what kind of football knowledge he
    has. Just because one was lucky enough become a coach, doesn’t it
    necessarily he knows more about football.

  5. Mourinho always starts Eto’o. What a dumbfuck. Torres is soo much better.
    He needs the prove himself

  6. You all said that he’s shit! But you cant do better! Do you wone the
    wm,em,champions or europa league cup? I think not so stop talking about him
    and to say he’s shit

  7. He barely played in the league after Demba Ba arrived, so give him a
    break… the competitions he was truly a part of, he was amazing

  8. The perfect song for this montage would be: “I ain’t as good as i once was”
    by Toby Keith

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  10. Tores will never be the same as he was in liverpool but it’s not impossible
    to get a new torres .

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