25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Skills”

  1. i am almost crying.. we miss u in LFC. I don´t hate you at all, and i don´t like the fans there talking bad about u 🙂

  2. Torres, be a man and stay at Anfiled, “Don’t pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men”, we will always support you. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

  3. his footwork looks really heavy to me. Mayb i watched to many c.ronaldo, messi, ronaldo, ronaldinho, zindane videos… compare to them not really skillful player torres

  4. i’m sorry but as good as he is, these skills (70% of the time..) seem to fail miserably as he just runs into a player or looses possession. Skills are not the point of football, they are an avenue of it..his goal scoring however, i can not argue with!

  5. @EminemKingOfRappers And i repeat once again. You said “Ronaldo, he has amazing talent if he stops getting he will be the best player.”
    You made an error, 2 actually. You meant to say Ronaldo, he has amazing talent if he stops being a pussy” Cause he fakes all his injures.
    And no, everyone knows who the best player is already. Messi, 2 ballon d’or wins and ronaldo has 1. So fuck ronaldo. That little diving scum bag. Fernando torres is 100x better than ronaldo

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