Fernando Torres – Switching Red with Blue [HD]

Fernando Torres – Switching red with blue. Song: Skrillex – With you, friends. Subscribe, rate and comment… Fernando Torres is nowadays a single of the most hated gamers in the Barclay Premier League. The Liverpool followers burned his shirt right after moving from the kop to Chelsea. If you are a fan of “Fernando Torres” be sure to fee and comment. Note: Dont dislike the video just because you are angry on El Nino. Believe instead than what he did for your club.
Video clip Rating: five / five

4 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Switching Red with Blue [HD]”

  1. @ketchuptchitcho dude, you should think twice before saying such stupid things, Messi is THE player of the decade, even CR7 can’t do what he does… and you really believe that torres is better? look how he is playing right now, cmon kid grow up!

  2. It’s an good video. I can’t understand why some people didn’t like Torres anymore just beacuse he swiched to Chelsea, he’s still the same AWESOME player – in each team he ever play!!!!

    I just wanna say this:
    If you hate Torres beacuse he left pool, think once again and REALLY TRY to remember the goals he scored n the great things he made !!!!!

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