25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres // THE COME BACK // 2012 Full HD”

  1. wow that is a pathetic video. well actually the video was good and funny but the thought 2 goals being a comeback hes scored a total of 4 not really anything to be proud of for 50 mil, not saying hes a bad player but his form is nothing to brag about thats for sure

  2. His name is Fernando, his last name is Torres
    He came from sunny Spain
    Just to finish you off

  3. @Frecheszinho porque o ‘inho’ no seu nome. eu tenho um bom senso sobre as coisas. eu sabia que voce era de portugal x] eu não sei como. haha :]

  4. @SomdeReggae mas como soubeste que eu falo português? curiosidade só, (I know, this is not a chat hehe XD)

  5. @Frecheszinho eu falo um pouquinho :] meus pais são de brasil, mas eu vivo no esatados unidos

  6. @SomdeReggae well said ma friend 🙂 they hear but if they don’t want to understand, they will never understand anything! GodSpeed!!!

  7. “Dear Lord.. Mind not how many penalties i concede.. May this guy ALWAYS score one more goal that that.” 😀

  8. @bebal1

    you suck!!! he scored against the champion(ManU). when he didn’t score you open your mouth wide like basket and criticized him, now he scores you open the same mouth talking nonsense. how many goals have caroll scored this season….f-up!

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