25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – The Monster”

  1. i an am Liverpool fan really angry that he fucked off to Chelsea but he is still the best forward that i ever seen. his skill, and the most important is he can eliminate Drogba and Malouda that Liverpool every fan really hate them. This shows that Liverpool still a monster team and have some monster player. For example, one Torres equal to Drogba and Malouda. For Chelsea, is that right? if youre dont think so, so please hate Torres.. Hahahahahahaha

  2. See if he can partner with Lampard but if not sorry Torres you are nothing without Gerrard. Your international performance just proved it. And now you say you never loved Liverpool? Guess what we never loved you the way we love Gerrard, Cara and Fowler. YNWA

  3. No other striker in the world can compare to how handsome Fernando Torres is. The goals rain in and the ladies swoon for Sexy Fernando. The shed will be full up of single ladies in Torres jerseys in no time, maybe that could be a selling point…..

  4. Torres is better than Drogba and Rooney and any other striker in the prem.Hes getting back to form after injury.

  5. he is a traitor…who left us, for a team with no history(and no future).WE WILL RISE without him…we have won no trophy with torres in our team….L.F.C Y.N.W.A

  6. @Acer353 yeah lol i was just angry hes a hero for liverpool scored so many important goals for us

  7. @VelocityvL hey, if you were a true fan you would salute him as a hero not for something he isn’t.

  8. @krazykray You are a liverpool fan?I”don”t think so.Maybe his cock still is in your ass!
    If you were liverpool fan,then you you was singing
    “…We bought this lad from sunny Spain,he gets the ball he scores again
    FERNANDO TORRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”?

  9. hes half a girl, hes half a boy, torres torres. he looks just like a transvestite, torres torres. he wears a frock and loves the c**k and sells his arse on romans yacht, fer-nan-do torres, abramovich’ bit on the side!

  10. @casperoppe Lad his coming to Chelsea in no way means the Champions league is in the bag cause you don’t have the drive, passion or knowledge to do it! He’ll be unhappy in 6months when Ancellotti gets fucked off!

  11. @DjLukeBurton Fuck me, is that a Chelsea fan with an actual song for their player! Pity you had to sample the original you Cockney turd!

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