15 thoughts on “Fernando Torres-Truth”

  1. We bought A lad from Amsterdam Suarez, Saurez;
    He’s part of kenny’s masterplan Suarez, Suarez
    He took the torch from a lad in Spain; Tall and blonde, forgotten his name;
    Luis Suarez Liverpool’s number 7!!! YNWA

  2. bonita canciĆ³n, y bonito video, arriba torres! arripa espaƱa! y arriba inglaterraaa!!! the final world cup: spain – england yeahh

  3. @janethem
    I can’t believe too! Yesterday I was so upset!!! I hope they will win next time!

  4. I can’t believe they lost to Switzerland. Hopefully they will win their next two games with many goals. May Torres score hat-tricks in both!

  5. lucky nine torres, hot ! today there was spain vs swiss. they lost though he was so good.

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