24 thoughts on “Fernando Torres vs Barcelona Away 04-05”

  1. Torress tries so hard to take on Puyol or Oleguer but fails. He cant
    dribble.Cristiano Ronaldo is 100 times better than this piece of Shit.
    Ronaldo is best.

  2. same replay with fucking rihanna singing for 2 minutes or whoever the fuck
    that is

  3. Look! its when fernando actually used to run! and try! and not just stand
    around like the ball should just go in the net just because of his hair or

  4. i give him credit for keeping his composure and scoring the goals but the
    rest is just awful.. fails at dribbling 99% of the time, does a horrible
    tackle on a barca player, has no team spirit, but yeah.. good dive! LOL

  5. Torres and Eto’o .. both went to another team and finally paired up at

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