25 thoughts on “fernando torres(12 y old) VS AC milan….rare video”

  1. @popicelolly Chelsea spent 50 million on a crap player he is better then , then he is now so that is all

  2. @sbaker12 forgot carra and gerrard r 18! Plus all the rest “good” players u had moved on to clubs who r playing and challenging in d elite competitions just ask Alonso, Mascherano and Torres!! U keep looking Bk at ur history, I understand though Coz wit d Yanks there’s not much more to look forward too.. As u know 😉 So till then look up and look on.. Coz uv got nothing much else to look forward too.. Gd luck on a 35m striker whose out injured for most of d rest of d season!

  3. @Wozza09 lolol..lamaprd and drogba will be 33 soon…terry 31, malouda 33, anelka 32, cole 32..all ur stars are old fuck off…when the new rules come into play youlll be done..good luck in the striking separtment when torres limps off with a hammy in the next game or so…your owner is a dirty russian scumbag..when he loses interest your fucked..better hope you dont win the champ leaggue anytime soon cuz once he finally wins that, he gon say “great..now i want the 1 billion i “loaned” back-now!

  4. @vishnucaprico06 No future? Please tell me your a chelsea fan too, nice team with an average age of 78 you got there.

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