Learn Fernando Torres move – Football Soccer skills

This is a great move to beat a player. Can be utilised on the wing or as a striker to give you the room to shoot. Learn this easy but actually wonderful skill as it performs so effectively. Maintain training Steve Roberts
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25 thoughts on “Learn Fernando Torres move – Football Soccer skills”

  1. @Nomad304X wat u mean “reverse” elastico? its the same motion.its more elsatico for those who cant do the real elastico.

  2. this is just a mix of elastico(inverted) and a ball roll and directional change.

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  4. @TwistedTheoryFilms since when was a stepover advanced?

    and i wasnt talking about effectiveness, i just want to learn more showboating skills!!!

  5. @localtortoise this ‘unadvanced’ move works way better than any stupid stepover and shit. ‘advanced’ moves either buy you time or make a twat out of you. just ask cr7

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