25 thoughts on “PES 2010 Torres long edit (UK)”

  1. eventhough he’s being interviewed for a video game, his response still sounds like hes answering an interview of an official match. 🙂

  2. this whole page is full of bitches . i never hear somthing about torres anymore what a failure

  3. yea rite hes the best hes alright but not the best lionel messi is the best second probly cristiano ronaldo

  4. Torres und Messi sind die besten fußballspieler aller zeiten und werden es auch immer sein hoffentlich bin ich erfolg reich im fußball geschäft und spiele vielleicht gegenn torres oder messi am besten were gegen beide oder mit beide zusammen oder mit eienen

  5. torres says he’s the best at PES
    messi says he’s the best at PES
    i’d like to see them play each other.

  6. Messi and Torres are my favourite football players and I think they’re both VERY cute, but really, can you believe that Leo is 3 years younger than Fernando? He looks like he was 20…

  7. @habbuba1 everyone sucked in the world cup 😀 Except for some players like ozil, forlan etc..

  8. @habbuba1 he was injured before but now he is back again! did you see the last games?! he was awesome!

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