Spain Achieves Its Second Euro Cup Trophy

Article by Stephen Lars

Spain has achieved its second EURO Cup trophy throughout its history by defeating this past Sunday the fierce some rival Germany by only one goal. The goal was scored by Fernando Torres at the minute 33 ending in such way a title less streak of 44-years being their last victory in 1964.

Torres who currently plays for the English club Liverpool received a pass from Xavi Hernández; and managed to quickly overcome Lahm and get the ball passed the German goalkeeper Lehman.

This goal is certainly a most valuable prize for the Spaniard as he previously tried to launch a shot but was unsuccessful to achieve it. “This is a dream. It is my first title. Justice to the best Euro Cup football team was accomplished. It’s good for football and good for the Spaniards now we have our place in Europe”, the forward scorer said, hero of the game for the Spaniard squad.

The triumph served as farewell for Coach Luis Aragones who at his 69 years old leaves the Spaniard national team with another international title.

“We have earned with brilliance. It’s a victory for all the Spaniards that will be able to say that we can win a Euro Cup”, indicated Aragones after being asked by the press in regards to who will be his successor.

Spain gained some ease with Torres’ goal after the German group was the one in control of the game, a very surprising situation for all spectators.German Coach Joachim Low did acknowledge Spain deserved the Euro Cup final victory and was the team with the best performance during the tournament. “Spain has played very well during the tournament. They have created more opportunities in the game and they deserve the victory. We are disappointed, although we can be satisfied of the tournament. It’s true we lost and we have to recognize our rout”, said Low.

Despite Germany being the dominant team during the beginning of the game the Spaniards were able to accomplish a more steady control of the ball to finally grasp the victory.

Spain had its first opportunity in the minute 14 with Andrés Iniesta by the left, whose pass to David Forest was stopped by Christoph Metzelder. Later on Torres’ goal arrived and Spain began little by little to gain control trusting in the velocity of the Liverpool’s forward. The best German occasion arrived in the minute 59 with a shot from Michael Ballack which brought doubts to last minute due to a muscular wound.

In the last minutes, Spain left the initiative to Germany, trusting in scoring a second goal, with Torres’ speed in the counterattack. Later on Dani Güiza substituted the Liverpool player in the minute 78, at the same time that the German player Mario Gómez, was put in the game instead of Klose.

Although; Marcos Senna had the opportunity of the second goal in his boots due to Güiza’s head pass, that the Hispanic Brazilian was not able to score. After Torres’ goal, Spain managed to maintain the rhythm as well as the empowering of the game making this the second win of an international title during their history.

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