25 thoughts on “Steven Gerrard Fernando Torres ~ Enjoy !”

  1. remind me again what we won with torres…….thats right nothing

  2. hahaha it’s kinda funny watching theese all coments how thei stick together and shit after moving to chelsea 😀

  3. Torres you walk alone u Judas! Cant belive after what u said in august about staying in liverpool that u now decided to leave! You and Suarez would have made a very dangerous team on top, but now you went to the team we hate more then anything! You probably going to have diving lessons with S.O.B Drogba! Hope LFC beat chelsea so hard on sunday!!

  4. the two best footballer’s in one lovely team ♥

    Fernando Torres & Steven Gerrard forever !!
    ♥ you’ll never walk alone

  5. @reno93220 If they are the best,why are they almost in dangerous zone and so bad this season?

  6. Remember how the ball used to go around to Xabi then to Gerrard then to Torres then to the back of the net.

  7. if torres catch the form chances to transfer in bigger club are 95 % :S roy said that torres decides about his future

  8. well let’s hope Gerrard and Torres plays better next season but they still got a chance to get to Champions League but not so huge

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