Torres giving the finger to wolves fans

Torres demonstrating to pepe reina what he would have liked to say to them fickle wolves supporters for providing him stick throughout our 3- victory right now ha ha enjoy it fernando, you will never walk on your own……
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25 thoughts on “Torres giving the finger to wolves fans”

  1. I think that Chelsea forgot to put the decimal point in their “record” transfer fee for Torres. “£50m sorry I meant £5.0m”

  2. @daniellariccardi Torres did shit at Liverpool because he’s shit. The fact that Chelsea spent 50 million on him is laughable. Look at the world cup ‘he’ won. He did jackshit for Spain. Everyone blames Liverpool’s ‘delivery’ for Torres’ goal droughts. Well Spain have the best delivery in the world. Ask yourself this; how did David Villa score 5 goals, yet Torres scored none? Answer – he’s overrated. We’ve traded the puppy, Torres, for the bulldogs Suarez and Carroll. *middle finger to you sir*

  3. @ajjg999 every single club in the world which wants to challenge for the champions league has to buy big money players. Maybe not arsenal. Even Barcelona have spent 60 million on ibrahimovic, 30 on dani alves, 35 on david villa, 20 on mascherano and so on.

  4. @ajjg999 since when is west ham mid table? r u an idiot. Man united’s best players – ferdinand, rooney nani, berbatov were bought for big money only arsenal can be really good without money.

  5. @lamboz22

    without romans wallet they wud be nothing more than fulham or west ham, anuvva mid table london team…. they know it too

  6. @daniellariccardi
    Hes everything that is wrong with football these days, has a paddy cause hes been playing shite and blames the club, has a tantrum and moves away, i say good ridance, see how he plays when the whole teams gameplan isnt based around him, 50million, yer u can ave him lol bar the two goals he put past chelsea this season, the other 7 have been tap ins

  7. @lamboz22 its gerrard i feel sorry for. in his prime, sadly gone, he was the best midfielder in the world. he deserves to have won slightly more than a champs league, a uefa cup and a couple of fa cups. i like liverpool, i do, and i would love them to enable stevie gerrard to win the trophies he desperately deserves. but i can’t see it for a bit. i like what liverpool are trying to do with buying young, but 35 million for a player with one england cap is fucking obscene in anyone eyes.

  8. @daniellariccardi

    Who cares we got £50m for him thats more than half we paid for him and he only had one great season which was his first. His second wasn’t bad either but since then he’s been average and injured. We now have two younger and hungrier strikers who have each being scoring more goals for their teams while torres has being sulking and not putting in the effort. Chelsea are a small club and always will be. What the fuck did they ever do before Roman Abramovich came in ?? NOTHING!

  9. wonder if these scouse twats still love him now? anyway, reina asked him “so wot you go say to the liverpool fans on sunday when we come and play against yer new team”
    hes won the euro champs and the world cup, and errrr the spanish second division. yeaaah well done liverpool on fulfilling all his ambitions eh

  10. jajaj!! por favorr!!!… eso lo hizo porque derrepente era parte de su conversacion con pepe, acaso la estaban escuchando? me llega todo este rollo, ademas ni que les importara, si es para la ficion piña pues ese es su problema no tienen porque andar criticando de cada cosa que hace o deja de hacer!!! … y si dicen que es escoria, entonces los wolves mas porque perdieron por goleada

  11. @TheTech99 your shitty club will probably have a special plaque because you beat us an anfield you’re a smalltime shit club and can only dream of what we’ve won good luck in the championship next year it’s were you belong, love the jealousy of all the fans of the small clubs haha

  12. hahaha it’s funny cuz there under 10 th

    torres u ain’t 1 of the best players in the world

  13. @TheTech99

    Probably the last win you get till your in the championship next season ha ha ha

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