25 thoughts on “Torres Nike Ad – English Subtitles”

  1. well done n8merie ur right he couldve left us years before but he stayed with us sure he did lie but that was b4 idiot broughton brought in cock eyed hodgson to manage the greatest the club in the world so you’ve got to understand thst the bloke wanted to win trophies nd we just came over a huge crisis so he believed that chelsea were in a position to do so KING KENNY!!!!!!

  2. Su brazalete mentido, no era rojo, Torres Torres
    Él bien podría estar muerto ahora, Torres Torres
    En la espalda le hundió el cuchillo, espero que John Terry se folla a su mujer,
    Fernando Torres número 9 de Chelski

    His armband lied, he was no red, Torres Torres
    He might as well now be dead, Torres Torres
    Into our backs he plunged the knife, I hope John Terry fucks his wife,
    Fernando Torres, Chelski’s number 9

  3. This is the Song you get at Liverpool. A proper advert that looks good.
    And this is what you get with chelsea: /watch?v=7B5ftOV3FYA&playnext=1&list=PL87E0DA052CEEE1AB
    You get some foreigner singing about you being Chelseas number 9 over and over again. I think it’s safe to say you should have stayed

  4. @kevvo26

    not all of us are pathetic, just about 80%, but those 80% are probably young and very disappointed their hero is gone

  5. @sarcasticbyfar

    Grow up fella, he was a great servant to LFC and gave us wagons of cash when he left, move on , cross that bridge

  6. Just like what Barca fans said about Figo moving to Madrid : “We HATE you so much because we LOVED you so much”

  7. @n8merrie187 spot on. I’m a die hard liverpool fan, but my eyes are open to the fact that the world does not revolve around Anfield. He was a great player for us, but unfortunately he has moved on to a club with more money and more momentum than us in terms of recent trophy winning form. Thanks for the good times El Nino, and all the best at Chelsea, just don’t score against us!

  8. @n8merrie187
    people who dont like Torres are clearly not fans of the game just blind fans of Liverpool……im a hardcore liverpool fan but i know a great player when i see one and Torres could have been great with us! just sad he left

  9. gave us a lot of goals and a hero for a while! gl Torres……well except for against the reds that is 😉

  10. Now he’s proved he’s not a red,
    Torres Torres,
    The money’s gone straight to his head,
    Torres Torres,
    Fuck off to Chelsea and ruin your life,
    …I hope John Terry fucks your wife,
    Fernando Torres, Judas in disguise

  11. @kevvo26 You are obviously too young or too stupid to know what your talking about. you are a horrible piece of work.

  12. @nikeC165
    he scored plenty of goals against chelsea and should have never joined such a shitty team without history like Chelsea

  13. @nyehughes No it didn’t but I’m not really worried because he had a shitty debut, it’s pretty tough to just insert even a superstar striker like Torres into any team and think he’ll have instant success, truth be told they shouldn’t have started him, sub him off the bench and let him get his feet wet, but they didn’t nothing we can do now, congrats on the win.

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