Torres on Liverpool

Fernando Torres said that Liverpool made him pay for their own mistakes.

He said that he had no intention to leave Liverpool, but it is the club’s failing strategy that made him leave for Chelsea. He said that he settled well at Anfield and wanted to continue playing there, but the club had other intentions.

Torres said at the beginning the Liverpool management told him that players such as him would not be sold as they wanted to build the value of the team. However, this is not what happened because Javier Mascherano was sold to Barcelona. He said that Liverpool at that time was saying something and doing another thing.

Fernando Torres said that things became worst when the club was taken over by the Fenway Sports Group. He stated that the club replaced Roy Hodgson with Kenny Dalglish, and they appointed a football strategist.

He said that with the new owners came new strategy. He stated that the Fenway Sports Group wanted to sell the older players and build a team with younger players. At that time Torres stated that he was 27 years old and that he could not afford to wait for 5-10 years for the team to be successful. He said that there was no way for the team to be successful in the short run and this is what prompted him to move away from the club.

He believes that he has taken the right decision as Liverpool has failed to win trophies ever since then and they are still in the same position in the table.
Torres said that he does not regret anything only the fact that Liverpool has made it appeared that he was the one responsible for leaving the club. He said if it is just him he would have remained at Liverpool.