6 thoughts on ““Villas-Boas will end up getting the best out of Torres””

  1. Torres looked better in the CL game against Bayer yesterday than he has for the entire past year. Hmmm…i wonder if playing with Mata, Merieles, and Sturridge on the pitch to service him had anything to do with it, as we Chelsea fans have been saying all along.

  2. @Suiram82 – since Torres got injured, he’s never looked right. It’s a shame, some of the goals he scored during his first season and a half at Liverpool were simply awesome, but watching him now, I do think that his injuries have taken away that great balance and pace he used to possess.

  3. chelsea just dont believe the youngsters that they have.. how players are gonna develop if they are not given the chance? sad

  4. No, he won’t. Torres was really bad ever since the World Cup last year. His last really good game was when he walked off injured when Liverpool beat Benfica in the Europa League early April last year. His career is spiralling downwards and it has been for the last year and a half.

  5. Torres is probably correct when he says Chelsea play too slow and are predictable,they’re an ageing squad!

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