World Cup 2010 – Spain defeats Honduras 2-0

Article by Stephen Lars

The Spanish soccer team managed to get back in shape from their lost against Switzerland in their debut in World Cup South Africa 2010 by defeating Honduras with certain ease by 2-0.

Spain went all out in their attempt to win this game. The Spaniards were quite dominant in the pitch with a very strong offensive that consisted of Jesús Navas, Fernando Torres and David Villa.

The Spanish team took the possession, and was trying to find a way to break the Honduran defense that kept resisting the Spanish strikers attacks.

La Furia Roja, as the Spanish team is known kept shooting on goal. The Spanish team was quite simply stronger and more organized then the Honduras squad yet, the lack of precision from the Spaniards kept the Central American team from taking 5 or 6 goals in the tournament.

The players were carefully following the tactical plan by their head coach Guillermo Del Bosque. The Spaniards kept pushing from all the flanks and were constantly arriving into the Honduran penalty area. They went on with short plays and long distance shots, but still couldn’t score.

Striker Fernando Torres was among the first ones to really take a good shot on goal. Xavi Alonso sent him a great pass that he shot straight at Noel Valladares, the Honduran keeper who managed to deflect the ball out of bounds.

Spain kept on trying and finding ways to shot on goal. It was hard to say it they were going to be able to open up the score. Later on, David Villa made a good shot but it hit one of the posts. Sergio Ramos had another chance just a couple of plays later, but his header went over the goal.

David Villa was the player that took more shots. The striker was able to sprint into the Honduran penalty box on the left side and took on a great shot from some 20 feet and into the Honduran goal. There was little for Valladares to do considering how well Villa had made that shot.

Sergio Ramos took another shot on goal. He completed a header after a great pass from the sidelines, but Valladares kept the ball at the end. Despite their effort, Spain was unable to score any of their multiple shots. After a couple more minutes of Spaniards dominance, the game went to halftime.

The Spanish team was even more dominant on the second half. Honduras moved its lines forward in an attempt to draw the game. That’s when Spain attacked on a fast break and completed its second goal after 5 minutes of play.

Xavi Hernandes was the mastermind behind this fast break. He came dribbling from midfield until he met Jesus Navas on the right who was open for a pass. Navas then made another great pass down the field to David Villa. Withouth missing a beat, Villa made a very aggressive shot and defeated Valladares.

Once again, Villa had a chance to complete Spain’s third goal. He was given a Penalty shot some minutes after his goal. But Villa’s shot went wide on the right hand and out of bounds.

Spain continued to create dangerous plays until the end of the game. Now they face Chile on Friday June 25 where they will have an obligation to win to avoid meeting with Brazil and not rely on other results to ensure their classification into the round of 16.

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