25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Fernando Torres Song”

  1. You know what they say if it’s too good to be truth it can’t get any better!! Torres love you !!

  2. Fernando Torres – was bought by Carlo Anchelloti for £50m. less than 4 months later, Carlo gets sacked…. Errr does a big club sack managers Ferando?

    Honestly, why was Carlo sacked, just because they were 2nd and trophyless? yet Arsene 6 seasons trophyless and….

  3. @9ron101 good piece of goalkeeping if you ask me. And a lot more than Torres did!!!!

  4. @scouse21 well suarez is a cheater did u see what he did against ghana in the world cup?

  5. 1,662 dislikes haha. suarez 2 goals and a ton of assists while torres only 1!

  6. @bornAtruePERSIAN Oi i came trace my english blood down to tudor times can you perhaps not not with persian in you user name

  7. So Suarez has only scored two goals this season……………………….don’t think so, and how many assists has he made!!? And if you’re going to come on here and comment, then at least spell correctly. You Neanderthal!

  8. @FernandoTorresCFC suarez only scored 1 more than Torres? SUAREZ 4, TORRES 1 you knobhead.

  9. @scouse21 you may have forgot that Suarez has only scored 1 more, and Torres scored on the 2nd minute against Man Utd but it was disalowed because every ref supports man u for some reason! so stfu dick head

  10. @FernandoTorresCFC no, Rooney was still assisting goals, playing well and doing all other things bar score goals. Look at Torres: no first touch, lost half a yard of pace, can’t pass the ball 5 yards as clearly shown against United at Old Trafford and only scored one in so many games. Don’t comment back, just admit it

  11. @paddymac456 i bet you were saying that about rooney aswell, now look at him (even though i hate him)

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