25 thoughts on “Connor Wickham, English Torres?”

  1. Wickham: 16-18 65apps 13 goals 20% goal rate
    Torres: 16-18 43 apps 8 goals 19% goal rate

    The differance is that Ipswich a Championship level team, Atlético Madrid are a La Liga team.
    Can Wickham do it at Premier League level ? not to sound critical i haven’t seen enough of him playing, but he seems slow.

  2. @soccer91ful1I would agree with you if liverpool where as good as chelsea, but they’re not. The money probably did persuade torres, but he probably just wanted to play for a better team. a player like torres is to good to be playing in a Europe league side. I’m surprised he stayed in that mediocre team that long.

  3. dont know about the next torres more like the next andy carroll just slap the ball in his head and he will do the rest

  4. The song fits in REALLY REALLY well with this video , great choice , and ive always like connor wickham , he looks VERY promising!!

  5. @AVFCMarcus I’m not saying I want them to go down, I just can’t realistically see them staying clear of the drop. Swansea play much better football, QPR play much more solid football, and consistently, and Norwich are also better than a lot of prem clubs. With those 3 new additions already looking to be close to the quality of, say, newcastle/blackburn, I wouldn’t be surprised if Villa struggle to stay out of the drop zone.

  6. Fair enough Sunderland, you have Wickham now, but he still proved, and made a name for himself at IPSWICH TOWN, and didn’t want to leave, he’s still a blue deep down, good luck at sunderland connor!

  7. @FraizerCampbellFTM You should be a lot stronger next year.I heard that Mackams and Geordies were after Barry Ferguson.Then I heard he is signing for Blackpool.Even though he is 34.He can still play at that level easily.Still a top notch holding midfielder.Good luck for next season anyway.I like the teams from the north beating those London morons.You lot under stand the game more than them.The top English managers all came from the north east.Out of Middlesburgh,like Clough and Revie.

  8. @legandrydirk I Agree, we’ll just have to wait and see but it looks like a very big gamble in my eyes, Brown & O’shea are now signed and hopefully do a job for us, Carrol is a top striker aswell mate. It’s time for this guy to shine and if he doesn’t then it’s money down the drain F.T.M !

  9. @01000001011100100111 are you a Town fan then?If not you would have no knowledge of his ability or lack of.

  10. Villa only have Bent now and he will be gone soon £££, Wickham will turn out quality no matter who he plays for, he chose SAFC and lets see how he does

  11. @bazzatheblue I’m not trolling, that’s a genuine opinion. He’s a very wasteful striker who is untested in the prem.

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