25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres: ‘JT will help me play away’”

  1. @Bundz86 how is it made by a scouser? it was uploaded by ‘talkSPORTmagazine’ there the ones who created it!

  2. fukin scouser wanker that made the video, and all you fukin scousers can shut the fuck up face it hes joined a better club, enjoy suarez while u can, i dont care what he says he aint goin to last long in lverpool, if real madrid or barca offer him a contract say goodbye hahahahahaha dont worry u got Carrol 😉

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yh u 50 milion flop chicharito 6 million hahahahhahahhaha fuckin cunt ur sell out to pool fans mate and im man utd fan speaking

  4. @lovedamusicbaby14
    missing the point all together…..most fans are pissed off with the way he left, he buggered off after claiming loyalty to the club before the transfer window and boom, 3 days before the window shut, he handed in a transfer request. gave little time for the club to find his replacement as suarez was initially brought in to play alongside him.
    so get your facts right before u tell people to get a life. and btw, the club did great selling him for 50 mill. not worth that 🙂

  5. yeah and while you’re away JT will be arse banditting your missus and ashley ‘slut’ cole will be sending her pictures of his hairy buttocks

  6. @lovedamusicbaby14 i am a bit bitter about the way he left i was bein sarcastic you nob an im very greatfull for the hours of entertainment he provided me while watching him play at anfield but what us scousers are fuming about is the lack of loyelty he could have waited till the end of the season an went abroad an he would have been a legend forever he said he loved the club then wen he signed for chelsea he had a few diggs at our club scousers will not tolerate two faced cunts

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