25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres.”

  1. Channel 5 and ITV 4 set to launch new Manchester-based´╗┐ reality show TOWIE – The Only Way Is Europa.


  2. I remember watching this like it was yesterday, i thought ‘go on torres, shut the critics’ when ramires locked in that through ball, and then torres skipped passed´╗┐ the keeper i thought it was surely a goal and sighed, (im a man united fan)
    and then he missed.. and just jumped up and LAUGHEDDD like crazy, I dont think i’ve laughed louder in my life, my laugh was louder than the TV volume (and it was damn high) I could imagine andy gray’s reaction.. “What a miss son.. WHAT-A-MISS!”

  3. every 1 lookz at da miss in dis´╗┐ video….. but da enormous talent of torres is also hidden here. TORRES 4ever!!!

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