17 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Unbelievable miss!!”

  1. @PenguinsFlyFar we’ll see ? hes had plenty of games for chelsea the honeymoon period is over and he is still shit…he was shit for liverpool for his last season to and shit for spain in world cup hasnt been good since 09-10 season

  2. Well, according to Torres he’s just adapting to Chelsea. He does admit that his life in Liverpool was way more comfortable than that of his life in Chelsea. We’ll see.

  3. This was SOO BAD that wen my mum walked in my room, i switched over to porn… -___-

  4. hahaha….an awful miss…i mean.. hw can sum1 miss such a golden opportunity 2 score…only TORRES can hahahaha…

  5. Man what a complete tragedy… In a different timeline, where Torres didn’t go to Chelsea, Torres and Suarez would have at least 7 goals each and Liverpool would be in the top 4. I’m sorry but Neymar for 50m would have scored more goals than what Torres has done for Chelsea in the last year. This is unacceptable.

  6. @bra1nwa5heds1ave this is unbelievable as well tho a striker that costs 50 mil to not hit the target from there is shocking my nan could of scored that

  7. @bra1nwa5heds1ave XD I love how after you comment two people comment something we can’t read lol

  8. To be fair though that’s not nearly as bad as his miss against man utd from earlier in the season – now THAT was unbelievable! 🙂

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