25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres 2008/2009 ~ Skills and Goals ~ PeterTheNigerian”

  1. @amba060 Haha yer little tramp stick to skegness, you could not afford thailand

  2. @CROOKYproductions I don’t support liverpool you glory hunting biff, did you support spain in the world cup? No cause your not from fucking spain so why would you, same fucking thing. People supporting football clubs for no logical reason from hundreds of miles away need to get a life, or do they like to bathe in the reflected glory. Pathetic twats the lot of them

  3. @DamEllSunny i forgot there was that rule we got to report are local side.. shut the fuck up u utter prick but then again I BET UR UPSET BECAUSE LIVERPOOLS DOING SHIT AND TORRES IS GONE MANUNITED FOR LIFE

  4. @DamEllSunny Sorry to interrupt your epic speech, but it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

  5. @DamEllSunny you’re the freak that goes to thailand to hang out with your mate garry glitter

  6. I’m not angry at him Liverpool FC is a team and we depended on him to much we didn’t deliver it ain’t fair on FT well all I can say is good luck FT I hope all your dreams come true at chelsea though they will never love you like we did

  7. He was a Red but now he’s Blue… Torres, Torres
    He left the Kop, he loves the Shed… Torres, Torres
    He used to go out on the rob
    But now he’s got a proper job
    Fernando Torres, Chelsea’s Number 9

  8. I can’t belive he’s left I feel so sad I really love him I can’t just turn it off over night, why would he do that? so many questions this is worse than getting shot…. oh well at least we got Charragher, he ain’t going no were

  9. Chelsea get Torres, Liverpool get Carroll haha i kno who i think got the better deal regardless of money spent

  10. YOUR NOT FROM LIVERPOOL YOUR NOT FROM LIVERPOOL ALL THE GEEKS AND GAYERS, THE NORWIEGEN ,THE IRISH,THE BRISTOL NOBS, THE TWATS FROM LONDON. Your views mean nothing your pathetic glory hunters, you don’t even like my city . So go and support your local team freaks

  11. @grogun0211 why are u arsed southener, Liverpool is in the north west you telly clapping bellend

  12. Torres ain’t going no were. He’s doing a steven gerrard on us. He’s using Chelsea to turn the Liverpool boards hand in to buying players. If he didn’t request a transfer we wouldn’t have got Suerez. Trust me this is a man that was wearing a LFC scarf when he won the world cup and he celebrates like a nutter when ever he scores against Chelsea.

  13. @grogun0211 i hope suarez bites him LOL i hope hes happy playing for a team that sing **** about him and i hope hes happy with terry who has punched and kicked him since he joined liverpool

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