25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – 2011 | Chelsea Fc |”

  1. So fuck off envious liverpool fans he will scores next seasong more than suarez and carrol sry my bad english

  2. Hi all im a chelsea fan and even though he has been absolutely useless i still love him and got his name on my shirt.

  3. HAHAHAH HE IS SO CRAP!, Poor Chelsea Fans that is still believing in him!, 17 Games 1 GOAL!, 50 Millions for 1 goal…. gratz

  4. His arm band said he was a red Torres Torres

    Now his wife’s in Terry’s bed Torres Torres

    Agger popped him in the face

    Torres disgraced the spanish race

    you wanted to wear chelsea blue

    since your carreer is through.

  5. guys calm down next year when he will be able to communicate better with his teammates he will score in every game just like old times

  6. @bloob35 Lol one goal isnt changing the fact that he have been very bad in chelsea 🙂

  7. he wear blue for money but his heart is still red,
    so it he doesn’t score as in liverpool 🙂

  8. Nice videos man..where do you get your original videos from?? Which program do you use to edit them?? Watch my video and be sure to read my little description under the vid….RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!! THANKS

  9. Why is my video about Torres at Chelsea deleted by the FA, and your video not???

  10. @Footietekkers oh btw, nother thing. Drogba is one hell of a striker but he is FAR from consistant. In seven years he’s had two seasons where he played to the best of his abilities from August till May, the rest of the time he plays in patches.

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