25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Best Goals”

  1. CFC FANS; dont be fooled by promise of goals and look at the facts! His debut season was amaing at LFC but after that defenders only had to double up and that made him useless.He hasnt ever had a full season without injury and despite getting treated like a god at LFC went at the first sniff of a quick fix to his career! If he wants o play like he used to he needs to go overseas because the premier league is to ruff and rugged fo this past his best player.

  2. Im still, Im still Torres from the kop. I used to earn a little but now i earn alot. im stil, im still Torres from the kop. Torres 9 CFC 4EVER!

  3. @Matthew17veeran you know wat jus fuck off man u dont have a clue you little boy.. chelsea would never take ova LFC in your lifetime FACT!!! u glory supporting cunt, and as for the no atmosphere even when CFC are winning chavski fans just sit there, bet u havent been there once in your life!!

  4. @Matthew17veeran actually that Shankly gates thing is pretty damn funny. He’s right, Chelsea is a mercenary club, and Abramovich treats it like it’s his own FIFA game (just like Man City, Real Madrid).

  5. @sh0rty4eva hahahahaa u support west brom? lol what a lucky guess. oh and the atmosphere was probably shit at the bridge coz your team was losing. What a knob, stop replying to my comments, coz whatever comes out of your mouth is bullshit, you are just frustrated because the teams you support are nearer to relegation than the top. You spend the entire day coming up with things to say to me, yet your comments dont even make sense. Get a life son.

  6. @Matthew17veeran 75mil spent in the january transfer window and still you cant beat fullham.. goodluck in getting 4th.. if they dont i’ll bet u’ll start 2 support man city.. u dont have a clue little boy

  7. @Matthew17veeran i support west brom u dick but admire Liverpool and their history.. just hate chelsea with a passion they fuckin buy everything n every1 jus like man city. players r fuckin mercenaries.. and it makes me laugh how chelsea fc fans have no clue.. they had a fucking el nino banner, changed it blue with shankly gates was still on there lmao i’ve been at the bridge it is the most shittest atmosphere eva, u son dont have a clue and only support chelsea cuz of roman u cunt

  8. Torres is one of my favorit player, and he hate my club so much very sad (real madrid) 🙁 but dont worry everybody when torres and chealsea learn how to play the system and they have some time they gonna be very hard to beat in my opinion they be one of the best with ( Manchester united Barcalona Real madrid Arsnal. =)

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