15 thoughts on “Fernando Torres | Chelsea Comeback | 2012 HD”

  1. The BEST there was and the BEST there is EL NINO !
    NA NA NA NA NA !
    TORRES chelsea’s number 9 !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Every day I walk around, with a strong belief that Torres will come back to Liverpool some day.

  3. @TheRealCommanderFox check the table bro and look after newcastle utd after that look at liverpool

  4. @sizzeler786 hence, why i put (possibly)
    and here’s another supporter of torres, who backs him up to re-assure themselves of his quality!
    reality check, maybe in the liverpool red, but his nothing but dead wood in a blue one.

  5. @napolithecalabrese If you think thts the worst miss in epl, you dont know football…theres been far worse ones

  6. i’m a liverpool fan and i’ve always been and will always support torres..even tho he is not with us but all the things he has done for us is far enough..GO TORRES!!!

  7. @XxLittleMonster95xX cant wait for all the critics and haters to jump back onto the torres banwagon

  8. @XxLittleMonster95xX oh right,
    2 goals, 1 impossible miss (possibly the worst in epl history) and a red card!
    confidence is running high for torres, HA!
    his a has been.
    where’s your european cups?

  9. FUCK ALL YOU HATERS! El Nino’s coming back to his old scoring ways and If I were you, I’ll be shitting myself!

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