25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Chelsea The Story So Far”

  1. By watching this video, makes it seem like hes having a hard time in chelsea, its not a joke he got sold for 50 million £

  2. @tyzer32 thats good for you twat , well too think maybe his my hero , and everyone has there ups and downs , al i can say is watch him this season all you twats will regret it .

  3. Story so far: 1 goal 14 appearances..was that so hard? dont see me making a video about it

  4. @plasterdat You have a fair point their and I hope Torres does find his feet at Chelsea but personally from what ive seen in the past 6+months I really can’t see it happening… but you never know in football.. All the best to him anyways!

  5. @paul878050 That’s what all you Torres fanboys have been saying, either this or that he needs a new change of scenery…we will see what happens now that Ancelloti is gone and Villas-Boas is here. Lot of talk going around that Boas will get the most out of Torres. We will see…if he doesn’t make a 180 next year, he’s an overrated flop. Money would’ve been well spent elsewhere.

  6. torres will never rise to the occasion like he did at Anfield, bitter sweet sorrow, but Suarez filled his spot VERY WELL

  7. This is just another case of SWP! They bought him of Man City for 20M and then fucked up his whole career! Then once they found out what they’d done, they just dumped him back on Man City.. It won’t be long before they do the same with Fernando Torres.. He will be back in a red shirt before you can even blink! ( Thumbs me up if you agree)

  8. Okay I’m sure everybody knows this already. SUAREZ is better than TORRES. I have proof! Torres has had 4 years to adapt to the premier league and has played in the prem over 150 times. Suarez however had never played in the prem and could barely speak english. Correct me if I’m wrong but Suarez started off playing for a uruguayan team then moved to gronigen and then to Ajax. The BPL is alot harder to play in than any other. With all that BPL expierience torres scored ONE GOAL. Suarez scored 4 🙂

  9. You Liverpool fans, are just butthurts, you guys just cant admit it, so your curing your complexes over this transfer, you SUCKED in 2010-11 season, I dont say Chelsea was better but we were at least 2nd while you guys were like 6-7, so go and cry somewhere else.
    !!!CHELSEA 4 Life!!!

  10. um i cant understand whether d poster is a chelsea fan or a chelsea hater 😛
    he posted a video of their new “star” torres. and put a background of cheesy inspirational music?? 😛

  11. fanando i am with you don’t worry have a new fresh start protent it you 1 game at chelsea …..chelsea 4 life no one can stop me supporting chelsea new players coming too i whant modric to come to chelsea modric will help fanando

  12. this season for him is most important for his time at chelsea not being funny everyone said at his first bad season at liverpool dont worry he will be back next season he probably got worse so i wouldnt say he will be back without a doubt in my opinion he needs to go back to spain and rebuild his confidence

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