Fernando Torres explains why he disappointed in Chelsea

For a price tag of £50 million, Chelsea was able to secure the services of Fernando Torres as the Spanish attacker joined the Premier League club on January of 2011.

Unfortunately for Chelsea, their investment did not pay off as Torres failed to make appearances that are comparable to his transfer fee.

At that point in time, Fernando Torres became the 6th most expensive footballer in the history of the sport and expectations were high for him to prove his worth.

During his 1st season as a player of Chelsea, Torres made 14 Premier League appearances and he only managed to score 1 goal. His following seasons were fairly better but nothing that he did was memorable except for the UEFA Champions League goal that he scored against Barcelona on April 24 of 2012 which edged the victory for Chelsea and they ultimately went on to win the prestigious European competition.

Despite this UEFA Champions League winning goal, the entirety of Fernando Torres career in Chelsea is usually being labeled as a disastrous one as the Spanish player did not score goals on a consistent basis and Fernando Torres has recently revealed why he was so underwhelming in Stamford Bridge.

“Chelsea was not good from the beginning. I did not find a team that suited me on the pitch. There was a good organization off it but the different personality of the team was not for me, even though I got what I wanted by winning trophies. When I was at Chelsea, I did not start well for a few reasons. We won almost everything I wanted to win. But maybe that was not enough for me’’ Fernando Torres said Petr Cech as he outlined his thoughts of why his time spent in the Premier League club was so underwhelming.