Fernando Torres | First Days in Chelsea London 2011 | HD

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25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres | First Days in Chelsea London 2011 | HD”

  1. @chickendippers1997 You used to suck his hairy Spanish blond balls and suck his asshole you fucking scouser faggot, and now you call him a piece of shit? The only piece of shit is the livershit hypocrite fan base… and as for the 50 million – that’s pocket change; we’re rich. I’m Russian too and I live in a 4 million dollar house; Chelsea fans tend not to be poor pieces of garbage like you.

    YNWA! you’ll never win again – hobo.

  2. @TheFreePisces 1-0. No you lose! Swaurez and carrol replace that piece of shit anyway , thanks for the 50 million chelski 😀

  3. @timd456 hell no losing his first game doesn’t mean he should regret moving to chelsea it’s might probably b the beginning of his success der !! 🙂

  4. @HullzAngel ye, and… Torres touched the ball 29 times, in 66 minutes! what a waste of money!

  5. sign for the rivals,
    everithing for your own mammals,
    baby torres torres,
    but you lost vs chelsea,
    its your own cup of thea!

  6. can you hear that ?? flop.. flop ..flop.. eh whats that sound ?? its torres not scoring a single goal in 10 games flop flop flop .. no its not its torres spiting his dummy out thanks for the 50 mill lmfao!!!!!!! you have officialy been fucked over been the mighty LFC !

  7. loved him as a scouse…. hate him now hes a scum. If he left with manners like alonso it may have been different. Agger – 10 points for elbow of the match!

  8. I never forget how he beat up chelsea and they were just wrecked from there…i hoped he would have done them a favour and do the same to the rivals but o no it continues.

  9. Andy Carroll : 35 Million
    Luis Suarez : 22 Million
    Torres face when Merieles scored : Priceless

  10. Judas you fuckin arsewipe!!! Hope you enjoyed your smack in the mouth by Agger!!!

  11. @dylanbobmaley so …?? were are u now ? down ………. u dont need to live with history man …. thats it

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