24 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Hat Trick! | Chelsea vs QPR (6-1) | 30.4.2012 | Barclays Premier League 2011/2012”

  1. if you look closely, he was actually onside, the Defender to his right was ahead of him, so therefore it was not offside.

  2. Sorry,i dont know much abt football as I come from a country of Cricket..But how come the third goal wasnt an Offside????

  3. luck? no man. this guy has been doing this his whole life. noone can possibly call that luck. people are just pissed he left liverpool. well guess what they are playing cuz its their job. he wanted to play in the CL and win a title and he thought when he signed he would play a lot more at chelsea which is why he accepted the move there. obviously the coaches are retarded for not starting him every game but thats not his fault. he’s stayed humble throughout and now he will finally get his chance!

  4. why the hell are there so many videos with foreign commentators, speak english you bastards

  5. All im saying is I fell sorry for paddy kenny.. poor defending and glad to see roman abramovich happy and torres!

  6. the people who complain are either idiots or Liverpool fans who hate on torres for looking for better club…oh wait they are both meanings of each other

  7. must be a great feeling for him, ive allways loved torres he’s a great personality and a big player. his comeback will be soon

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