Fernando Torres – Hero of Anfield

A brief look back again at Torres’s time in Liverpool and Spain of the season 2008-2009. Please I would enjoy if you would comment and subscribe. Many thanks to Ladlem2 and BuztaFlow for clips and help on Sony Vegas Pro eight.. Download : www.mediafire.com MichaelCirigliano™ 2009
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25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Hero of Anfield”

  1. It’s sad how he went to Chelsea. Just as he left, Liverpool got rejuvenated. If he had held on longer then there could’ve been hope. It seems like he’s the bad guy but for all he’s done for Liverpool I think they’ll miss him.

  2. torres should watch all those clips…and get back to his stuff…but remember – form is temporary, class is PERMANENT!

  3. Torres is inspirating me, and motivates me, this video is just eye candy! good job keep it up!

  4. torres can even play while he’s on the ground and still beat’s the challenger

  5. @27samu Don’t get me wrong buudy, Drogba is a fantastic player but i just think if torres had a “Injury free” season he would show why he is the best striker in the world!

  6. @iMikeeyB you cant think it like fernando torres COULD be the best player BUT he gets injured all the time.. dont get me wrong im big fan on el nino and i hope he doesnt get injured but im just saying that drogba is one of the top players in the world

  7. @27samu Does droogba get injured as much as Torres?

    Face it buddy torres wipes his ass with drogba!

  8. Great video mate
    dude what’s the first song? please.
    Cómo se llama la primera canción tío??

  9. I love you`re work man! The timing , sound , exactly what the soccer feeling is all about , sharp images , mix of music and live comment is fantastic!! Keep them coming!!

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