25 thoughts on “English interview Spains Fernando Torres and Reina after the Paraguay game at the 2010 WC”

  1. OMG he is so incredibly beautiful and sexy,,,,love him soooo much lol, he looks better with his haircut short like that…..,,,but he still gorgeous either way

  2. Although it’s quite hard to understand what Fernando says he still tries his hardest. so, thumbs up for you Fernando (:

  3. SPAIN RULES!!!! England SUCKS!!! England will be lucky if they held the toilet seat.

  4. It’s crazy how you can make out a bit of an English accent in reina’s English, he speaks it quite well. Torres’s English will get better at chelsea, wait nevermind there’s barely any English players on Chelsea.

  5. @viaductos girl. But I’m sure if I were a guy I’d think the same. For sure.

  6. I think he’s English is pretty good, it’s just how quickly he speaks, which does show a degree of confidence. The Dutch and some Germans do the same. Torres at ALMIGHTY CHELSEA!!

  7. I can’t believe Torres has been 4 years in England. His pronunciation is quite awful

  8. his english is even harder to understand than his spanish.. at least then they add subtitles :]

  9. Australian 😀
    Torres watch out for the lurking woman, oh btw she was fired after a quick google search

  10. lol, 99% of the comments on this are just ‘omgggggggg torres is sooo hot’
    erm, no. support him for being an amazing striker, not for being ‘hoootttttttt’

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