All of Fernando Torres’ Goals & Skills for Chelsea

Fernando Torres’ goals and abilities for his new club, Chelsea FC. Song is “Get Ready for This” by 2 Limitless. Share this video with your pals! May Torres carry on his lack of objectives for as lengthy as possible! YNWA!

25 thoughts on “All of Fernando Torres’ Goals & Skills for Chelsea”

  1. torres didnt betray liverpool, liverpool got 50M and torres isnt scoring at chelsea, he is helping liverpool!

  2. @iamlrrr Liverpool will be in the CHl and chelsea will be in europa league…. it will not wonder me ith they sell him to another club at summer because he have’nt scored any goals ^^

  3. World Class, I can’t believe that goal at 1:01, went through the whole team with his eyes blindfolded

  4. There’s obviously no point arguing on here I’m outnumbered…lol I’ll pop back at the end of the season! Keep living off your history lol

  5. “And don’t… be afraid… of the dark… ”

    I’m an Arsenal fan, but I love Liverpool humour.

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