Fernando Torres Interview with Setanta Sports – Liverpool FC

interview with Fernando Torres.. His English has improved so significantly given that previous period! Fernando Torres, the greatest striker in the globe!! His armband proved he was a red TORRES TORRES He’ll by no means walk alone it said TORRES TORRES We purchased the lad from sunny spain, he gets the ball he scores once again FERNANDO TORRES LIVERPOOL’S Quantity 9!!
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25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Interview with Setanta Sports – Liverpool FC”

  1. hahaha at the end he says the best things are coming and now hes a blue …… and he plays like shit

  2. His armband lied, he was no Red, Torres, Torres

    He’s just a rent boy like they said, Torres, Torres

    Into our backs, he plunged his knife, I hope John Terry shags his wife

    Fernando Torres, he’s just a pile of shite

  3. @kiepoolies He wants trophies and he definitely wouldn’t have got that if he stayed at liverpool. You fed him lies after lies about your club going places, but to date he’s won fuck all playing for that club. He’s not as deluded as some of u fans who live in the past and think they are entitled to everything, A club strength is measured by how they perform in their respective leagues and you haven’t won the league for 20 plus years now, doesn’t take a genius to work out why he chose to leave.

  4. The girl in the beginning looks like Ashley Greene…
    But besides that, Nando is great =D His accent is so cute =D

  5. his armband proved he was a red torres torres
    you’ll never walk alone it said torres torres
    we bought the lad from sunny spain
    he gets the ball he scores again
    fernando torres liverpools number nine!!

    he has backed hodgeson to get liverpool challenging for the title again
    hopefuly this means he is staying 😀
    el nino = the best striker in the world!!!!

  6. nana nana nana nana torres, torres
    nana nana nana nana torres, torres

    we signed the lad from sunny spain,
    he gets the ball he scores again,

    fernando torres,
    liverpools number 9!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @Katarine08 my nabor is spanish and he has the same one, he always reminds me of F9T all the time lol

  8. @r3m0ny haha that’s how my whole family speaks it. Spanish is our main language so good thing i’m used to it so i can understand him atleast 🙂

  9. The name of the song is Polovtsian Dance from the opera of Borodin named Prince Igor. However, I was looking for the specific version of the song but couldn’t find it

  10. My mate is in love with him, i think thats why she supports liverpool lol hehe

  11. he is the hotest man ever !!!
    i love him so much he has the prettiest smile just like an angel and his english is so cute
    he speaks english in a spanish way thats why i couldnt understand 🙁 any thing

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