25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres ~ The best years of my life HD 2011”

  1. Fernando’s Career is over I hope he enjoyed his years at liverpool cause that is what made him a world class player not £50million. best of luck in the future torres you,re going to need it!!

  2. please to all that we are liverpool fans we should respect torres desicion an just wish him the best of luck and just stop talkin shit about it ..
    i know his best moment was in liverpool but we have to respect him for wath he did

  3. Liverpool es un club grandioso y el chelsea es un club mediocre,Podias aber salido del club con la cabeza bien alta como lo hicistes en el Atletico pero con estas cosas nos demuestras que todabia eres un puto niñato.FORZA ATLETI

  4. @spirosp9 FA Copyright? BUt its a video compilation of random goals and matches, they wouldnt deleted it, so i suppose ur idea to “flip” the vid was improper decision, or wasnt IT??!??!

  5. @spirosp9 dont sweat it man your video was awsome . oh and one question do u use sony vegas to edit

  6. Next year in Euro 2012 well see him in Red once again…. Shame on him making move to CHELSCUM in 2010 he scores twice against the blues scum but in 2011 he regret that when meireles scores it was a bad move to suck blues…. i hope he will get his old form back…. wish you the best with your career but not the best for that Abrahamovich and chelscums

  7. @DedicatedEA your vids suck anyway! 350 views in 5 days! and also tehy are real football fans!

  8. A great player but he plays no for chelsea, that’s not good for him, he is better witch liverpool

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